Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara – Review

The most anticipated mascara of Winter 2017 is out and I’m here to tell you whether it really worth is the hype. Continue reading to find out wether the mascara really makes your lashes super long and super fat!


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I was gifted the travel size mascara (I prefer travel size cosmetics, post coming soon as to why) and it has easily become my go to. It fits easily into my handbag, the actual wand brush is the same size, and have you seen such pretty packaging? Talk about fulfilling those unicorn desires.

The bristles attach onto those little annoying lashes that are hard to reach with most mascaras, and lashes just do not clump easily. Of course if you go a little crazy (which is okay, really) and apply coat after coat without waiting for the lashes to dry, you’ll have ‘spider lashes’. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, that means your lashes will be clumped together and chunky.

It removes easily with my cleanser (it’s organic and cruelty free! read about it here), and with micellar water. If you guys are interested in hearing my makeup removing routine, let me know in the comments!


The mascara boasts creating super long, super fat and sex proof lashes. Urban decay claim it gives you 13x the volume. Turned on yet?

I have before and after pictures of the mascara to let you really see what the fuss is about, I mean, just look.





Ignore my dark under eyes, if you have any suggestions as to what to help, I’d love to know in the comments. Or, even better, tweet me and lets be friends.

Super fat? Yup

Super long? Yup

Sex-proof? Try it xx

I can honestly say I really like this mascara, it’s become my new favourite. It is a little pricier, £19.50 for a full size. The travel size is £9! I KNOW!

You can buy the mascara online from most stores (Feel Unique and Look Fantastic stock it), or in store from your local Debenhams or John Lewis.

Only negative thing I think I would have to say is that I feel like the length doesn’t stay long. Now this is a little hard to explain. What I mean is the fullness of the mascara didn’t last all evening and my lashes started to become a little limp which was a let down. I didn’t apply a setting spray or curl my lashes before hand but I did hope the magic would stay longer.

It’s also not waterproof, so maybe double check the weather before heading out.

Would I buy again? Yes, yes and yes! I mean, scroll back up and look at the pictures!!


Have you tried the Urban Decay Troublemaker mascara? What do you think?


Lots of love,




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