About me

I’m a 20 year old student, studying Business Management BSc.

I love makeup (cruelty-free of course!), jewelry, cooking, tips, blogs (and my new found love of blogging).

I kind of write about this and that, mainly focusing on lifestyle, beauty and eating out. For the time being. I hope to shift this and start focus on University as a blogging category as well as excel in my degree.

I am active on social media (twitter, facebook, instagram and pinterest).

I love love love decorating my flat (which I share with my amazing best friend) and love receiving flowers

*cough* *hint hint* *cough*

I have a love for all things fluffy and pink.

I started this as a hobby and have invested so much of my time and effort because I have hope this blog will grow and help others, just like other blogs helped me. I really do enjoy blogging.

I refuse to settle for a niche. I refuse to write what people tell me to write. This is my website where I can give my completely honest opinion on what I want to give it on. I don’t believe in following a niche to make money whatsoever!

But yeah,

that’s me.


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