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  • Best Cruelty Free Beauty Advent Calendars 2019


    Hey guys!

    I’ve left this years post a little late because life has been super hectic! But here is compilation of the best cruelty free beauty advent calendars 2019, which includes makeup AND skincare!! I’ve included the best ones that I think are worth buying in the list, AKA best value for money! read more

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    / 11/07/2019
  • Netflix and Chill in 2019 | AD

    Ah, Netflix. One of the best websites to ever be made, but also one of the worst. Then you have the term “netflix and chill”, which translates into either a good time, or a “good time”. For me, Netflix and Chill, is a good time; a time of self love, relaxing, and binging on a new show in hopes of avoiding all deadlines. I want to talk about all the shows I’ve loved, and hopefully, will love in 2019.  read more

    / 02/14/2019
  • Arizona Joe’s – Bolton – Review

    Arizona Joe's Bolton

    I prefer burgers over pizzas, I feel like there is just so much you can do with a burger and it can taste completely different to the last one you had. Which is why me and my friend decided to try out Arizona Joes, we wanted a big fat burger and a catch up.



    There aren’t a lot of restaurants in Bolton that I can say have nice interior, and Arizona Joes joins that short list. It was surprising clean and the atmosphere was inviting. The restaurant/takeaway had a bit of a retro feel to it, with red cushioned sofa booths and classic wooden tables and chairs. There were posters on the walls giving it that 80s American feel. The seating and floor (and overall interior) was generally clean. The only negative I have to point out is that the menus were dirty and confusing to read (each section on the menu was on a different sheet), which was a tad off putting.


    Sweet Sedona:

    Burger was made fresh to order, you could tell that it had not been waiting around in the kitchen waiting to be finished. The burger buns were surprisingly soft, anf the flavours within the patty and the sauces were not overpowering. It was a good balance. The description matched the burger, but it was not as sweet as we were expecting (which is a good thing). The food looked presentable and didn’t arrive as a mess with filling all over the place. They were served in plastic basket trays which held the burgers an the fries reasonably well.


    Just like with the sweet sedona, the burger that arrived matched the description. There wasn’t too much filling, nor too less. We got the big fat burgers we wanted. Flavour wise I have to say that Arizona Joes hit the nail on the head, everything was balanced and the meal tasted great. The burger had just the right amount of spicy kick, not too hot.



    Now here is where the verdict differed between me and my friend. I personally was not a big fan on the fries whereas she liked them. They weren’t regular fries (which I feel like should have been mentioned in the menu) but they were skin on fries. That did make the texture of the fries more interesting, and they did come with peri salt sprinkled on top. To me the fries tasted too much like they had come from a freezer (which I knew they would be, but I wouldn’t want them to taste like that?)

    The burgers came in envelopes that made them so much easier to eat. It meant that they were not messy to pick up and bite, and you wouldn’t have sauces dripping down your hand. You can eat a messy burger without making a huge mess! This was a huge selling point for me.

    I did feel like the restaurant didn’t have the widest selection of sauces, but the worst thing was that there were fruit flies surrounding the area where the flies were. Maybe pass on the sauces if you give Arizona Joes a visit?



    In all honesty, the staff did not seem happy to be working there. I don’t know if it was an off day for them, or they were just plain bored, but they weren’t cheery and welcoming. To make up for the lack of enthusiasm, the food did arrive at a decent time. We were given a buzzer, which was a plastic square, that vibrated like crazy when the food was ready).


    My friend ordered the Sweet Sedona Burger Meal (£5.45) and I ordered the Phoenix Burger Meal (£5.75). The food tasted good, the portion size was generous, and it was on a main busy road with a number of food outlets. Definitely good value for money.


    Would I come again?

    Yes. Yeah. Yup.


    Good value for money, good food, clean place. Parking was easy to find too. There were definitely more positives than negatives, and I do like a good burger. It’s a yes from me.


    Lot’s of love,

    / 11/16/2018
  • Nutree Life Review

    Nutree Life Protein Original Flapjack and Chocolate Brownie

    This one will be a little different, I want to talk about Nutree Life, a vegan protein and nutrition brand that I had the pleasure of trying recently.

    Now, vegan protein was something I was quite skeptical about, I’m not a vegan or a vegetarian, but I very much respect where those who chose to live that life are coming from. What caught my eye was the fact that the brand offered more than just snacks, they offered protein powders (for protein shakes), protein bars and even burger mix. Odd to me, but useful for someone who would be looking for it. Admittedly the snacks did catch my eye, I can’t say no to brownies.

    Nutree Life Chocolate Brownie Protein Snack Bites


    • Each brownie came individually wrapped, so if needed I could pop one in my bag and go without the worry of crumbs at the bottom of my handbag.
    • The brownies were gluten, wheat and soya free, and claim that only natural ingredients are used.
    • They were high in both protein and fibre.


    • Admittedly, I wasn’t a fan of the taste. To me the brownies tasted very dry and artificial? What I mean by that is that it tasted like the brownies had protein powder in them, instead tasted quite natural.









    Nutree Life Original Protein Flapjack Squares read more

    / 09/13/2018
  • Botanics All Bright Soothing Eye Makeup Remover – Review

    botanics all bright eye makeup remover

    Botanics kindly sent me some products over the past few months, and I am finally getting round to giving them a proper review (Is proper even a word? I’m going to use it anyway). Keep reading to find out what I think about the Botanics all bright soothing eye makeup remover.


    I posted about me using the eye makeup remover over on my Instagram stories (now available to watch in my highlights) and I got a positive response. I asked you guys if you would like a more detailed review, and the mass vote was yes. How could I say no eh?

    ~Keep scrolling for an update~

    I’ll be completely honest, at first I thought it was micellar water, so I went to town and poured it religiously on my cotton pad. Mistake number one! Less was definitely more. I had to shake the bottle vigourosly to mix the contents in the bottle, because it was a bi-phase product.

    What is bi-phase?

    Bi-phase products basically contain two separate formulas inside them that don’t mix well, and sit on top of each other instead of merging. But when you give the product a good shake, they merge enough to be used. This is the whole concept behind bi-phase products, which generally comprise of an oil based layer and a water based layer. This makes it easier for makeup removal because the oil would break down the products, and the water based would give a good clean and maybe moisturise. This would depend entirely on the ingredients used, and formulas created.

    What did it feel like?

    Oily. I’m not 100% sure if it felt a bit grim because i’m not used to it, but it didn’t spark my fancy. I did use it on part of my face, and it felt a lot more comfortable. I think it’s just one of them products where you’d play around with how much to use till you find the perfect amount.

    Would I use it again?

    Yes, I do like that it has the two formulas inside, it saves me a step in my makeup removing routine where I’d first go in with coconut oil to break down my makeup. But, on the eyes it just felt a little much. From now on I’ll be using a lot less of the makeup remover, and focus on building it up instead.

    What about it being ‘all-brightening’?

    Well, it’s an eye makeup remover. I’m not expecting it to make any differences to be quite honest with you. I wouldn’t buy the product for this purpose, only for it’s bi-phase content and pretty packaging. If I wanted to focus on brightening my eye area, I’d use the

    Botanics All Bright Refreshing Eye Roll On read more

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    / 07/21/2018