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  • Botanics All Bright Soothing Eye Makeup Remover – Review

    botanics all bright eye makeup remover

    Botanics kindly sent me some products over the past few months, and I am finally getting round to giving them a proper review (Is proper even a word? I’m going to use it anyway). Keep reading to find out what I think about the Botanics all bright soothing eye makeup remover.


    I posted about me using the eye makeup remover over on my Instagram stories (now available to watch in my highlights) and I got a positive response. I asked you guys if you would like a more detailed review, and the mass vote was yes. How could I say no eh?

    ~Keep scrolling for an update~

    I’ll be completely honest, at first I thought it was micellar water, so I went to town and poured it religiously on my cotton pad. Mistake number one! Less was definitely more. I had to shake the bottle vigourosly to mix the contents in the bottle, because it was a bi-phase product.

    What is bi-phase?

    Bi-phase products basically contain two separate formulas inside them that don’t mix well, and sit on top of each other instead of merging. But when you give the product a good shake, they merge enough to be used. This is the whole concept behind bi-phase products, which generally comprise of an oil based layer and a water based layer. This makes it easier for makeup removal because the oil would break down the products, and the water based would give a good clean and maybe moisturise. This would depend entirely on the ingredients used, and formulas created.

    What did it feel like?

    Oily. I’m not 100% sure if it felt a bit grim because i’m not used to it, but it didn’t spark my fancy. I did use it on part of my face, and it felt a lot more comfortable. I think it’s just one of them products where you’d play around with how much to use till you find the perfect amount.

    Would I use it again?

    Yes, I do like that it has the two formulas inside, it saves me a step in my makeup removing routine where I’d first go in with coconut oil to break down my makeup. But, on the eyes it just felt a little much. From now on I’ll be using a lot less of the makeup remover, and focus on building it up instead.

    What about it being ‘all-brightening’?

    Well, it’s an eye makeup remover. I’m not expecting it to make any differences to be quite honest with you. I wouldn’t buy the product for this purpose, only for it’s bi-phase content and pretty packaging. If I wanted to focus on brightening my eye area, I’d use the

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    / 07/21/2018