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  • Arizona Joe’s – Bolton – Review

    Arizona Joe's Bolton

    I prefer burgers over pizzas, I feel like there is just so much you can do with a burger and it can taste completely different to the last one you had. Which is why me and my friend decided to try out Arizona Joes, we wanted a big fat burger and a catch up.



    There aren’t a lot of restaurants in Bolton that I can say have nice interior, and Arizona Joes joins that short list. It was surprising clean and the atmosphere was inviting. The restaurant/takeaway had a bit of a retro feel to it, with red cushioned sofa booths and classic wooden tables and chairs. There were posters on the walls giving it that 80s American feel. The seating and floor (and overall interior) was generally clean. The only negative I have to point out is that the menus were dirty and confusing to read (each section on the menu was on a different sheet), which was a tad off putting.


    Sweet Sedona:

    Burger was made fresh to order, you could tell that it had not been waiting around in the kitchen waiting to be finished. The burger buns were surprisingly soft, anf the flavours within the patty and the sauces were not overpowering. It was a good balance. The description matched the burger, but it was not as sweet as we were expecting (which is a good thing). The food looked presentable and didn’t arrive as a mess with filling all over the place. They were served in plastic basket trays which held the burgers an the fries reasonably well.


    Just like with the sweet sedona, the burger that arrived matched the description. There wasn’t too much filling, nor too less. We got the big fat burgers we wanted. Flavour wise I have to say that Arizona Joes hit the nail on the head, everything was balanced and the meal tasted great. The burger had just the right amount of spicy kick, not too hot.



    Now here is where the verdict differed between me and my friend. I personally was not a big fan on the fries whereas she liked them. They weren’t regular fries (which I feel like should have been mentioned in the menu) but they were skin on fries. That did make the texture of the fries more interesting, and they did come with peri salt sprinkled on top. To me the fries tasted too much like they had come from a freezer (which I knew they would be, but I wouldn’t want them to taste like that?)

    The burgers came in envelopes that made them so much easier to eat. It meant that they were not messy to pick up and bite, and you wouldn’t have sauces dripping down your hand. You can eat a messy burger without making a huge mess! This was a huge selling point for me.

    I did feel like the restaurant didn’t have the widest selection of sauces, but the worst thing was that there were fruit flies surrounding the area where the flies were. Maybe pass on the sauces if you give Arizona Joes a visit?



    In all honesty, the staff did not seem happy to be working there. I don’t know if it was an off day for them, or they were just plain bored, but they weren’t cheery and welcoming. To make up for the lack of enthusiasm, the food did arrive at a decent time. We were given a buzzer, which was a plastic square, that vibrated like crazy when the food was ready).


    My friend ordered the Sweet Sedona Burger Meal (£5.45) and I ordered the Phoenix Burger Meal (£5.75). The food tasted good, the portion size was generous, and it was on a main busy road with a number of food outlets. Definitely good value for money.


    Would I come again?

    Yes. Yeah. Yup.


    Good value for money, good food, clean place. Parking was easy to find too. There were definitely more positives than negatives, and I do like a good burger. It’s a yes from me.


    Lot’s of love,

    / 11/16/2018
  • Nutree Life Review

    Nutree Life Protein Original Flapjack and Chocolate Brownie

    This one will be a little different, I want to talk about Nutree Life, a vegan protein and nutrition brand that I had the pleasure of trying recently.

    Now, vegan protein was something I was quite skeptical about, I’m not a vegan or a vegetarian, but I very much respect where those who chose to live that life are coming from. What caught my eye was the fact that the brand offered more than just snacks, they offered protein powders (for protein shakes), protein bars and even burger mix. Odd to me, but useful for someone who would be looking for it. Admittedly the snacks did catch my eye, I can’t say no to brownies.

    Nutree Life Chocolate Brownie Protein Snack Bites


    • Each brownie came individually wrapped, so if needed I could pop one in my bag and go without the worry of crumbs at the bottom of my handbag.
    • The brownies were gluten, wheat and soya free, and claim that only natural ingredients are used.
    • They were high in both protein and fibre.


    • Admittedly, I wasn’t a fan of the taste. To me the brownies tasted very dry and artificial? What I mean by that is that it tasted like the brownies had protein powder in them, instead tasted quite natural.









    Nutree Life Original Protein Flapjack Squares read more

    / 09/13/2018
  • Lets talk Chaiiwala – A Review


    Heads up, photos this day were pretty poor. I do apologise. I got a tad too excited and distracted by the place that I didn’t focus on the photos nearly as much as I should! But hey, my opinions and honest review matter more than pics, that’s what instagram is for!


    So, Chaiiwala has been a restaurant / cafe I have been seeing all over snapchat, so of course I jumped at the chance to try it out.

    Chaiiwala is a cafe (I’d say its too small and casual to be a restaurant) which serves Indian street snacks and drinks, their speciality being tea (aka chaii). Chaiiwala literally translates to ‘the man who serves tea’.

    There are quite a few branches around the UK, I visited the one in Bolton.

    Want to see some decent pictures? I know you do! Here are a few that used the hashtag on Instagram

    My opinion:
    This place is well worth the try! The food and drinks are super duper affordable! The place does get busy, so would recommend going during less packed hours, so avoid lunch time! We did wait a stupidly long time for our food, just over half an hour!! I know! Terrible! But the poor guys were working on overdrive! It was that busy! Bless our waiter, he did apologise and the friendly service made up for it! That wouldn’t stop me going again at all!

    What we ordered:

    Limbu pani (translation: Lemon water) : So so so good! It’s really refreshing, and not at all too tangy! You could taste the lime and the lemon, and it was a little sweet so there was no bitterness! Kinda tastes like cloudy lemonade! If you go on a hot day (well, a hot day for us brits) then I highly highly recommend trying this, provided you like lemonade! £1.50 for a small which is more than ideal!

    Masala chips : Have you ever tried spicy ketchup? This is what it tasted like to me. Chips in a cone, drowned in spicy ketchup and garnished with spring onions. They were really good if I’m being honest. I did ask the waiter if they were nice (the picture on the wall of them didn’t look the best!) and he said it’s really popular so I was a little hopeful! So glad I ordered though! Also, they were only like £2!! Would expect it to be much more! The portion size was good too!

    Gulab Jamun Sundae : Gulab jamun are an indian dessert. They are deep fried dough balls soaked in a sugar syrup. So you can imagine they are sickly sweet! As a sundae, I expected it to be served in a sundae bowl with icecream scoops and toppings, but instead it was more like an icecream milkshake, with the whole gulab jamun in the middle, topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce. This quite frankly was weird, like, you can’t drink it because of the balls in the middle, so you’re kind of eating it with a spoon. I don’t think this is something I would get again, my curious mind just wanted to try and I am glad I did. Sugar craving satisfied to say the least!

    All in all, I would definitely go again! The place is affordable, the interior is cute and clean, and them chips were YUM!!! Next time, I would want to try the tea, it is their speciality. It was just too warm to have tea that day, so I gave it a miss.

    Have you been? Or seen it on social media? I’d love to know your thoughts.


    Lots of love,


    / 08/27/2017
  • The Meating, Bolton – Review

    Hey guys,

    So, I recently visiting The Meating in Bolton. And boyyyyy do I have a lot to say about this place. This restaurant boasts high quality cuisine and they are known for their steaks.

    I’m going to start with decor. This place looked great. Like really nice. Much nicer than I thought it would be. The ceiling decor was very similar to a restaurant in Liverpool, called Dejavoo. Bathroom was clean, and looked a lot nicer than most in Bolton. Big plus in my books. Seats were comfy too. Wall decor was cool. All in all, the actual restaurant was great.

    Onto service.

    Now, here is where we all felt a little weird. The waiters weren’t the friendliest. In fact, they were a little pushy when taking our orders. I asked for no sauce (I really didn’t like any of the sauces they had), and he still gave one and said ‘i’ll just get you vegetable sauce for yours’. He chose what to get for each of us, which was quite rude to be frank. When serving the food, he knew he got the orders mixed up, and told us to ‘sort out what we ordered ourselves’. HOW RUDE! The sweet potato fries and sauces were placed in the wrong orders. I know not all the waiters were providing bad service, but the one who was assigned to our table wasn’t the best. Huge let down. Service with a smile was definitely lacking here.


    Food. Good ol’ food. But was it good?

    I ordered a Gourmet Churrasco Sirloin Steak, medium rare. The Meating describe this gourmet as being drizzled with onion, peppers, sweetcorn & spicy tomato sauce, toasted with cheese and green chilli. Served with mash, chips and vegetables.

    There was no sweetcorn, barely any tomato sauce. The cheese sauce on top was a big no, it ruined the flavour completely. The meat itself was rubbery. There was cartilage. It was bad. So bad. I was not the only one with this issue, a friend who ordered the same thing had the same problem. The meat.

    Now, two of us ordered the chicken steak. This was nice. Much much better than the meat steaks. The chicken tasted great! It was a big portion and was flavoursome. If I did decide to get a steak from there again, it would definitely be a chicken steak. Without the cheese sauce, because again, it did ruin the overall taste.

    The veg wasn’t exactly a great variety. There were green beans, broccoli and cauliflower. No carrots or potatoes.


    Onto drinks.

    Yes. Yes. Yes. So good. So so good. Possibly the best thing we ordered.

    Overall, the standard of service and some of the food was a huge huge let down. But the locale, interior and variety of food choices would make me want to go again. The price was appealing too. Was not overly priced which is a plus. I just would not recommend the meat steak, at all!


    If you have been, let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your opinions.

    Lots of love,



    / 07/11/2017
  • Elif Turkish BBQ Restaurant, Liverpool – Review

    Hey guys,

    So the other day I tried out this Turkish place on Bold Street in Liverpool City centre, and it was just the cutest place. The locale was great, parking wise I’d say it’d be a headache, but me and my friend walked. The exterior and interior of the store doesn’t ooze class or expense, but it is definitely different to most restaurants. The style of the restaurant fits in with Bold Street, it’s unique in its own way which is appealing to some.

    Now, it was my first time visiting this place. The staff were very friendly, with the exception of the manager, and were welcoming. We we seated and brought menus straight away. Price was, I was expecting it to be higher, but most mains were under £12 which, in my opinion, was cheap. The total came to just over £30 for two (1 starter, 2 mains and 2 sides). We were offered water whilst we decided what we wanted to order which I thought was great customer service, and the glasses were just adorable with the restaurant’s name branded on them. 

    We did order the food according to the number on the menu since neither of us could pronounce the food correctly, but the staff were friendly and understanding so it wasn’t awkward whatsoever.

    The chicken wings were much tastier than I was expecting, however I was expecting them to be larger in size. We were given 4 on the plate, on a bed of lettuce, and they were succulent and juicy inside with the crispness on the outer end of the wing. 7/10. Lower rate only because I do feel like it could have been cooked a little more.


    The chicken was lovely. Not dry at all which is does appear to be, which was great because if it the chicken was dry and flavourless, it would ruin the whole dish as this was pretty much it. I will be honest I was expecting a bit more, even though on the menu is sounded like a simple dish and described exactly how it appeared. The rice was a big portion, and we were unable to finish it. But, overall, because the chicken exceeded expectations, i’d give it a 8/10.


    Again, exceeded expectations.Yes, it is just a salad, but the taste was much more than bring vegetables and fruit tossed in bowl. The spice on top and tangy flavour really made it stick out, especially on the red onions. It was good. 9/10 for sure!


    Now, the little pot is this was served in, held a large amount. Again, the portion size was larger than I was expecting. To me this dish tasted more like a fajita mix in salsa (which is how I make fajitas at home) but with more vegetable. It was great when I first tried it, but it was one of them dishes that you get tired of pretty quickly. I was expecting it to be more dry or saucy but this was more wet and liquidy, which for me wasn’t ideal. I’d give it a 5/10, mainly because the liquidyness (if that’s even a word) was a total let down, only perk was the portion size.


    This, whatever this was, WAS AMAZING. So so so so so good! Did I mention it was good! This sauce came with the food, although I crossed checked on the menu and it was not listed, but neither was the bread so maybe it was a condiment. Regardless, of you visit, do not shy away from trying this. You will not regret it. It’s the perfect mix of spice and tanginess. We were given a basket of bread (which tasted so good alone), when dipped in this. DELICIOUS! Dip the bread in this and use a force or spoon to scoop the contents on top for a bite. Drench the bread in the liquid. It is a must! I would go again just for this, it was that good! This sauce condiment alone deserves 10/10.


    Overall, the experience at Elif was lovely. Great atmosphere and staff and people and food (with the odd exception). I would definitely go again (for the sauce mainly) and order slightly different food. It was a cute and welcoming restaurant and it deserves a hefty 8/10.

    Lots of love,

    / 01/19/2017
  • Pepe’s, Bolton – Review

    So, I’m sure we have all seen the countless adverts of Pepe’s chicken on TV throughout September 2016 (I believe it was), following which they opened one in Bolton town centre. Smack bang in the middle. Such a good location for a reputable restaurant/grill. Pepe’s is now open in Market place, in the vaults, just past Prezzo. Yes, there is also a ‘Halal’ Nando’s down there too, but the question of the authenticity is yet very much alive (in my eyes at least). For locale of the restaurant, I am going to give it a solid 10/10, it’s just so ideal to just pop down for a lunch, but is it really worth the price and time?

    As for seating, waiting time, pricing and hygiene, I may get a bit nasty. But no one likes having to worry about all that when they’re dying to eat some lunch now do they? I know I didn’t.

    It was busy, mainly because it was boxing day weekend and the rush for cheap clothes and gifts and shoes was, well, mad. But, regardless, from friends that have been, I was told t generally does get quite busy around lunch time, granted. It’s a relatively new place to eat in a town that’s being renovated, it will create a bit of a buzz. But not a buzz I think Pepe’s were prepared for. Seating? Not nearly enough to accommodate everyone. Whilst waiting in the queue, 3 sets of people came to the till, realised that they won’t get anywhere to sit and headed off back towards the way they came. I had to wait with my friend for 15 minutes before a table cleared up for us to eat. There were around 8 tables (mixes of 2s and 4s) all packed out. Then, the table that we did manage to nab, had the previous customers’ used plates (with leftover food in them). We asked staff to clean up the table, because it just wasn’t a nice sight as was putting us off our food, 3 times. THREE TIMES. Even then, when the lady did clean it up, she didn’t wipe down the table for another 5 minutes. It was just a horrible wait. It’s not like they were understaffed either, I saw many staff coming in and our of the staff area. After ordering, we waited another 15 minutes for food to come, granted it wasn’t that long of a wait but during this time we had to sit on a dirty table which just was not ideal whatsoever. Now, prices were very very similar to nandos, as was the layout, sauce bottle styles and ordering. Price was a lot higher than I had initially expected, but I was hungry so did order. I just had a bad experience with the restaurant customer service, giving it a solid 4/10.

    Behold, the food. What a let down huh? after all the hype, what we got were two dry burgers and decent chips. Thank god for the sauces (not exactly something to rave about either, runny mayo), otherwise this was not something I would have been able to swallow. Just look at that bun, keep looking. Dry. They even got my order wrong, I asked for peri sweet potato fries, but at that point I didn’t bother to go and complain, I just wanted to eat and leave. I noticed a lot of people leaving food unfinished, especially this burger which is a popular item on the menu (XL Burger). The grilled chicken (1/4 or 1/2 chicken) was the only thing that I had seen someone order that did not look dry, which is the only thing I would consider getting IF I ever decide to go again, or the fries alone. They were a deent portion, I will give them that. But as for my meal, a solid 5/10, bonus for the portion size but it was so drying I refuse to be uber generous.

    If any of you guys go, let me know what you think?

    Lots of love,

    / 01/01/2017