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  • What If You’re The Toxic One

    You see on twitter, day in day out, that if you’re in a toxic relationship, wether that be romantic or not, leave. It’s not good for you. You deserve better. But, what if you’re the toxic one in any relationship? Let’s talk read more

    / June 13, 2018
  • My desire for backpacking – Pros and Cons – Travel

    Anyone else randomly get really strong urges to just pack your bags and take a plane to anywhere? I follow a fair amount of travel bloggers who create awe inspiring content, and all I want to do is join them. Shame my bank balance doesn’t agree with that. My goal is to one day go backpacking and experience raw and unfiltered cultures, and travels. Don’t know much about backpacking? Let me help you fall in love read more

    Lifestyle, Travel
    / April 5, 2018
  • Update: Learning to live

    This post is going to be a little bit different. I know in my last post I said that I’m back into blogging and will be blogging more frequently, but unfortunately, that is not the case. It may get a little deep and serious, so If you want to click off this post, then that’s perfectly fine. I just wanted to update regular readers and those asking why I haven’t been posting. read more

    / March 19, 2018
  • 5 Things Every Student Must Do In 2018

    I’m baaackkkkk!! I’ve had a long break during which I battled mental health issues, rinsed my bank account, attended a blog event and completed first semester exams. To kick off my new found inspiration for blogging, lets talk student life. More specifically, I’ll be telling you 5 things that I think every student MUST do in 2018. read more

    / February 2, 2018
  • 20 Jumpers under £30 – 2017

    It’s mid November. The heaters are turning on. There’s always hot water in the kettle ready for a brew. That means jumper season has started! Here’s a list of 25 Jumpers you can buy for under £25! read more

    Fashion, Lifestyle
    / November 14, 2017
  • How to: Self-brand

    Self-branding isn’t just about making yourself stand out, it also has many other points to consider on how to make yourself the perfect ‘product’. I’m not saying this post will tell you how to turn into a pair of heels, I want to try to help you get recognised for who you are. read more

    / October 10, 2017
  • Are you ready for University?

    Are you ready for university advice

    University starts in just under a month from today, but for those starting university for the first time, or going back to continue your studies, are you ready to dwelve right back into it? Continue reading for some university tips and advice. read more

    / August 31, 2017
  • My University Essentials Wishlist

    university wishlist

    University starts for some in around a month from now. Some of you will be going into your first year, some your last, some won’t be going at all. Heck, some of you might not even be old enough to go and may be starting college? I’m changing courses this year (read here why) so I’m starting university again as a first year student, and wanted to compile a list of things I will buy (or more so, I want to buy) for uni and my flat (well, bedroom). read more

    Lifestyle, Travel
    / August 22, 2017