Changing university courses

why changing university courses is okay and how to change and advice

Hey guys,

I’m going to be talking about my experience with changing university courses, why you should change courses, why people change course, how long does the process take and basic advice.

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Now, changing courses is super scary. Whether you change courses within the start of the first term, or after you’ve completed your second semester exams.

My experience

I changed courses after my second semester exams. I did pass the year, so that is not why I changed courses. This is one of the annoying things about telling people you’ve changed courses, they automatically think you flunked the year. If you have, then you have. It’s not the end of the world!

I started hating what I was studying. I was suffering a lot from mental health issues, I was always super stressed and I was just always in a low mood, staying in my room and missing most lectures. I still managed to pass but I really did not want to continue something that just made me feel really crappy.

I did Genetics BSc in my first year of uni and it was something I was really really interested in. But, the more the year went on, the more I started hating it and understood that it was the job that was appealing, not the course. I wanted to be an embryologist (the people who are behind the scenes of IVFs) and I am super interested in the sector. I always will be. But, it’s not for me as a career.

I spoke to my tutor (which I was very very hesitant about because he did not seem like the person who would take me seriously, but he was really supportive and nice and always managed to cheer me up) and constantly met up with him and kept him in the loop the last few months of university. I then finally decided I want to continue studying but not the same course. I chose a totally different field.

What field? Business Management. Total 180 turn right?

I have worked in retail for almost three years, love managing and planning and designing and the idea of running my own business has always been something that i’ve thought to be fun but just never pursued (I did sell sweets in high school though, I’m basically a business woman already)

I am really excited to do this and since the decision to change, I started feeling better and more positive about things.

And yes, this is ONE room in ONE of the libraries on campus. Are you in love yet?

Thinking of changing courses? Why do people change?

So, odds are, you’re contemplating changing courses, for whatever reason that may be. But do think it through from every aspect. University is not free. It is ridiculously expensive. But do not let that put you off studying what you want to study. Knowledge is power.

If you don’t like your course, hate your university, hate the city. Change. Do not study something or be somewhere because it’s a trend, because your friends are going there or doing that course, because you’ll be guaranteed a job (even though that is a pretty convincing reason to stay). Stay on a course if you are happy studying it. If you are not, change. Please change, do not let it bring you down. You are worth more and your sanity and health and your personality, all which may get compromised, are worth more than a degree.

If you don’t like what your’e doing, you’re more likely to fail and more likely to suffer from mental health. Do not do that to yourself. If you ever do feel like you need to talk to someone about it, each university has a mental health adviser, career adviser and every student will have a personal tutor. Then there are always family, friends, co-workers or online friends to turn to.

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How to transfer courses? How long does it take?

If the course you want to change to is offered at your university, you would need to go to your school reception (which is your field) and ask for a transfer form. You will most likely find this online too (on Blackboard/Moodle/Vital/other VLE). The head of your course and the course you want to transfer to are required to sign you off, and your details are also required.

If you are transferring to a different university, you will need to speak to your tutor. If you’re continuing the course at another institute, it may be easier on your side because you may not have to go through UCAS and the Universities will be able to sort it out between themselves. If you’re looking to change courses and universities then you will have to go through UCAS. Sucks, I know.

Changing courses in the same university – Does not take long. What takes up the most time is getting the head of schools to sign the form. Should take no longer than a week.

Changing universities – Now this will most likely take a while because it requires the universities to sort it out. I reckon it could take up to a couple of weeks to finalise, maybe more depending on if they need your results or not.

Changing university and courses – This will take LONG. You have to wait till results day if you’re going through clearing, unless you’ve decided before hand and go through the normal UCAS process. Then your’e okay.

University courses changing Liverpool

Yes, this was really on one of my uni buildings. Cool, right?

My Advice

There is nothing wrong whatsoever with changing courses. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If it makes you happy, go for it. If your current course isn’t for you, change or drop out. There is more to life than University. University is not the only path to success. Focus on yourself, then your education.

I hope this helps some of you. If you ever do feel like you need someone to relate to, pop me an email or contact me on social media. You are not alone.

P.S. Sorry about the super long post, I got a tad carried away xx

Have a lovely day.

Lots of love,

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