Elif Turkish BBQ Restaurant, Liverpool – Review

Hey guys,

So the other day I tried out this Turkish place on Bold Street in Liverpool City centre, and it was just the cutest place. The locale was great, parking wise I’d say it’d be a headache, but me and my friend walked. The exterior and interior of the store doesn’t ooze class or expense, but it is definitely different to most restaurants. The style of the restaurant fits in with Bold Street, it’s unique in its own way which is appealing to some.

Now, it was my first time visiting this place. The staff were very friendly, with the exception of the manager, and were welcoming. We we seated and brought menus straight away. Price was, I was expecting it to be higher, but most mains were under £12 which, in my opinion, was cheap. The total came to just over £30 for two (1 starter, 2 mains and 2 sides). We were offered water whilst we decided what we wanted to order which I thought was great customer service, and the glasses were just adorable with the restaurant’s name branded on them. 

We did order the food according to the number on the menu since neither of us could pronounce the food correctly, but the staff were friendly and understanding so it wasn’t awkward whatsoever.

Tavuk Kanadi (Grilled Chicken Wings)

The chicken wings were much tastier than I was expecting, however I was expecting them to be larger in size. We were given 4 on the plate, on a bed of lettuce, and they were succulent and juicy inside with the crispness on the outer end of the wing. 7/10. Lower rate only because I do feel like it could have been cooked a little more.


Chicken Guvec, Tavuk Sis, Esme Salad, bread basket and Chips

Tavuk Sis

The chicken was lovely. Not dry at all which is does appear to be, which was great because if it the chicken was dry and flavourless, it would ruin the whole dish as this was pretty much it. I will be honest I was expecting a bit more, even though on the menu is sounded like a simple dish and described exactly how it appeared. The rice was a big portion, and we were unable to finish it. But, overall, because the chicken exceeded expectations, i’d give it a 8/10.


Esme Salad

Again, exceeded expectations.Yes, it is just a salad, but the taste was much more than bring vegetables and fruit tossed in bowl. The spice on top and tangy flavour really made it stick out, especially on the red onions. It was good. 9/10 for sure!


Chicken Guvec pot

Now, the little pot is this was served in, held a large amount. Again, the portion size was larger than I was expecting. To me this dish tasted more like a fajita mix in salsa (which is how I make fajitas at home) but with more vegetable. It was great when I first tried it, but it was one of them dishes that you get tired of pretty quickly. I was expecting it to be more dry or saucy but this was more wet and liquidy, which for me wasn’t ideal. I’d give it a 5/10, mainly because the liquidyness (if that’s even a word) was a total let down, only perk was the portion size.


This, whatever this was, WAS AMAZING. So so so so so good! Did I mention it was good! This sauce came with the food, although I crossed checked on the menu and it was not listed, but neither was the bread so maybe it was a condiment. Regardless, of you visit, do not shy away from trying this. You will not regret it. It’s the perfect mix of spice and tanginess. We were given a basket of bread (which tasted so good alone), when dipped in this. DELICIOUS! Dip the bread in this and use a force or spoon to scoop the contents on top for a bite. Drench the bread in the liquid. It is a must! I would go again just for this, it was that good! This sauce condiment alone deserves 10/10.


Overall, the experience at Elif was lovely. Great atmosphere and staff and people and food (with the odd exception). I would definitely go again (for the sauce mainly) and order slightly different food. It was a cute and welcoming restaurant and it deserves a hefty 8/10.

Lots of love,

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