Getting my ears pierced

Hey guys,

This will be a short one about getting your ears pierced. I recently got mine done and would love to share my experience with you guys.

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The first question people normally ask when you tell them you got your ears pierced is ‘Did it hurt?’. The short answer. YES! I fully screamed. Not my finest moment.

Now, not everyone feels this kind of pain. You may be lucky and only feel a pinch.

I got my seconds and my cartilage pierced with my best friend last week. I was borderline crying whereas she winced. LITERALLY!

The second piercing was not as bad. I did make noise because it hurt. But I thought it was going to hurt more than it did and take longer than it did. The guy literally just punched a hole using a gun and the earrings went in the same time. So it wasn’t like he had to start touching my ear again and poking it to try and get the earring in. THANK GOD!

Now, the cartilage. That was a B***H. It really hurt me. This is the one I screamed for. He even used a numbing spray, pretty sure it did not work. But as soon as he stabbed me, yes, stabbed me, my ear shot out blood. I walked around town with blood on my jumper that day. He even admitted that he was not expecting the blood to ooze out the quick. Bleeding is normal so it was expected for my cartilage. I continued bleeding for around an hour then it stopped.

A week later and the cartilage piercing still really does hurt. Its not infected, just sore.

You have to clean all piercings twice a day for 6 weeks. The place we got it done gave us seasalt and instructions on how to look after our ears. The second piercing needs turning whenever it gets cleaned (only a little bit though, 1/4 turn and back) whereas the cartilage must not be touched except when cleaning. Even when cleaning, be super careful not to pull the earring.

Now, admittedly, I am constantly touching my cartilage piercing cause it hurts. I keep getting it stuck in my hair, any fluffy pillows and my clothes. I also find it really difficult to sleep on that side. But, I really do love my piercing.

It was £60 for four piercings (that’s 4 pairs). Each place has their own prices and some places charge for the earrings they put on you. Definitely research into the places before you get it done. Make sure it’s a professional putting holes in you, and someone who has experience. Don’t want an amateur holding a gun to your ear now do you?

If you’ve gotten your ears pierced, do let me know how your experience went. Hopefully better than mine. I’m not a cry baby, I promise.

Lots of love,

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  • Reply Cristian Cizmas

    Quite an adventure 🙂

    08/06/2017 at 7:36 am
    • Reply mevstheodds

      haha it really was!

      08/06/2017 at 10:56 pm

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