Grillaz, Bolton – Review

Hey guys!

So, I met up with a few friends today, and after one of them constantly praised Grillaz, we went there for lunch. And, I was impressed.

After around ten minutes of contemplation, yes ten, we ordered.

BBQ Piri Chicken Wings – 7/10

Chicken & Donner Sizzler w/ chips (option of either chips, rice or nan) – 7/10

Steak Sizzler w/ chips (option of either chips, rice or nan) – 6/10

Piri Piri Chicken w/chips (half/full, we ordered half) – 7/10

This was between three of us. Neither item came with a drink, so they had to be purchased separately. The price range was quite cheaper than expected, A sizzler and a can of Pepsi came to under £10! #Bargain

The wings were not fully drenched in sauce, instead had the Piri sauce drizzled on top, though it was a fair amount of sauce, it was not enough for me. There were 5 wings in total, which seemed like a great portion size. I have had better wings before, hence the rating, and it did not live up to my expectations. They were tasty nonetheless. Not spicy at all in my opinion. Very safe option if you can’t handle the kick.

The steak sizzler was not for me. Personally, I’m not a fan of steak. I do enjoy meat but whenever I have a steak sizzler, it’s just never something I enjoy. It was a large portion (you need a good appetite to finish it), not spicy, and came with salad. The salad on the side came with both the sizzler and half Piri Piri Chicken, and was nice. Slightly basic, but much better than most salads at takeaways/restaurants similar to grillaz.  What surprised me about the salad was the onions.  They were covered in what I believe was lemon juice and mint chutney, they tasted great, although it could use more lemon, it was a great surprise. The mixed sizzler was the best thing I believe was ordered. It was a good mix of meat and  chicken, wasn’t spicy, and tasted good. Again, I have tasted much better, but the portion size again was a good surprise. I did feel however that both the sizzler were a little dry, so as per we did drench them in garlic sauce (which was on every table, along with ketchup, chilli and mayo). The fries were a let down. They were oily. Oily. This is because the sizzler itself was on top of the fries. Now although the sizzler self didn’t seem oily, the fries had soaked it up. They weren’t exactly fluffy, a bit too crispy, so absorbed the oil well. And no one likes oily fries!


The Piri Piri Chicken was good. The Chicken was juicy, not spicy (this was a let down for me) and had Piri sauce poured on top. Similar to the wings, I did think they were being stingy with the sauce, the chicken pieces could use more sauce. Not something you can eat with a knife and fork (if you want to eat properly) either, so prepare to get your hands messy (same for the wings). There is a sink, so if you want you can wash your hands.

The staff I did feel were friendly and quick with the food. The place itself was clean, and there was plenty of seating for the size. There is also seating downstairs, for anyone who requires it.

All in all, it was a good place to eat. Halal, decent food, not overly priced, and clean! Definitely would pay another visit.

Lots of love,

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