Kiko Milano Universal Fit Foundation – First impression

Hey guys,

So, I think I may have found the best foundation to ever exist! And it’s actually affordable! Think I’m lying? Read on!

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To start with. It was uber cheap! I mean really cheap! I mean, it was less than my train ticket! Yes! Cheap!
Want to know how much it was? I’m going to tell you!
I got it for …. (drum roll please!)… £5.52! (I did get it on offer however, normally it is £6.90!)
I told you it was cheap!

Is it rubbish quality I hear you ask? If it was, would I really be calling it the best foundation ever?? NO!

Am I getting paid and writing about something that is completely not true! Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin! (not that I have hair there, I was trying to be cute, did it work?)

I brought this on a whim on my recent trip into town, and boyyyyyy am I in love!
This foundation, from Kiko Milano, is amazing and I just have so much to say about the product, store and service! Yes! Not just the foundation but everything about the trip into heaven!

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So to start with, I went in looking to buy a cruelty free foundation, because if it’s not cruelty free, it’s not for me!
With me always being overwhelmed by the range in every store I go into, I asked the staff for help picking a foundation and shade. Now, I did pick this particular foundation up to start with and asked her to help me find the correct shade and for some advice (but I mean, hello, have you seen that price???). So she did, and she was really lovely. I asked her about bb creams and which of the two (the foundation or bb cream) would be better for summer, and she informed me that the foundation is significantly better coverage. Yes please!

I got rid of uneven skin tone super quick and easily using one cream. You can too! I wrote all about it here!

Not only did she find out what my shade was, she applied the foundation all over my face to see if it actually matches and if I like the look of it! Now, this was really surprising because normally staff at stored only put a tiny swatch on (stingy cows, I know!) but she was lovely and buffed it in with this super soft kabuki brush! Unfortunately they didn’t have it in stock, but it felt sooooo good!

She also gave me advice on the foundation and how to set it! I’m telling you, she was a gem!
So, just like every other foundation, this needed to set too (let that miracle work baby, let it oxidize!) and once it did, it melted into the skin and matched my skin tone completely! It was super light weight, easily blend-able and was not cakey at all! It even moisturised and hydrated my skin! Now, it was not a dewy or matte finish, it was in between the two so exactly what I was looking for!

NOTE: personally I do not think this will be best for oily skin, I have normal-combination skin and I love this but unless you are lathering on primer, I reckon this will not stay on oily skin.
They had so many products on offer in store with so much in stock that I had to stick to the foundation alone and leave, otherwise there’s my student overdraft down the drain!
If you’ve never been into a store, go! Now!

Check out the store online too! They frequently have sales on with amazing savings on their products and did I mention they’re cruelty free?
UPDATE: Now, I’ve been using the foundation for 3 weeks, and have some things to point out. The foundation is definitely long lasting and isn’t drying which is a huge plus! But, it does take ages to set! The foundation takes around ten minutes to set (with setting spray it takes a lot longer to set) which means it just doesn’t look right until it’s fully set! This is a huge major down point because if you’re like me and you’re always late and in a rush, you’ll leave the house with the completely wrong foundation shade on! If you’re patient, it’s great. Not for me anymore i’m afraid, guess i’ll be looking for a new foundation. Feel free to comment some recommendations x

Let me know what you think!

Lots of love,

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  • Reply Haneef - Rose Gold Pearls blog

    I love Kiko Milano! I just got an syeshadowquad from them a few weeks ago. I’ve never gotten any complexion products from them. I think I’ll head to the store at the mall pretty soon.

    08/06/2017 at 11:24 pm
    • Reply mevstheodds

      Their customer service was AMAZING! worth making the trip down!

      08/07/2017 at 12:36 am
  • Reply Annaleid

    ohh I really need to try this out! Going to pay Kiko a visit when I’m in town next time!!
    xoxo Annaleid

    08/12/2017 at 1:08 pm
    • Reply mevstheodds

      The staff are so lovely!!

      08/12/2017 at 5:34 pm

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