Want to work on your Pinterest together?

Are you struggling with Pinterest? Is it all super confusing? Do you want some help? Let me be your Pinterest VA!


I offer a service where I will help you up your Pinterest game without you having to do all the initial hard work.

But, Madiha, do you even know what you’re doing? Let me answer that by directing you to the post below. The answer is yes by the way x

What will I do?

I offer two services:

1 – The ultimate beginner package

A brand new set up of a Pinterest business account, complete with ten Pinterest graphics, a tailwind account, access to tailwind tribes complete with advice and steps on how to continue when I hand the crown back to you!

2- The revamp package

  • I will change up your Pinterest account completely!
  • I will set up rich pins, a business account and sort out your boards (if you have some!)
  • I can set up a brand new Pinterest account if that is what you prefer!
  • I will create Pinterest graphics for every post you wish to promote, create and organise a Tailwind account, add you to Tailwind tribes, promote your website/blog by pinning your posts with my own so that my traffic is yours. Sharing is caring after all!

In a nutshell, I will set your account up so that you get traffic from Pinterest automatically with you only needing to put in around 20 minutes a week!

What do I need from you?

I would need to know which posts you wish to promote so that I can create the Pinterest graphics and share them accordingly.


Okay, so that sounds great and all, but you’re probably wondering how much this will cost you? right?

I’ll break it down for you!

Prices vary depending on how long you would like me to work for you and the bundle you require!

The ultimate beginner package costs £25 and I will work with you for a week building up your perfect Pinterest profile and get you up and running!

The revamp package costs slightly more because of the work involved.

For every ten posts you would like me to promote, it’s £10! Add that to the number of weeks (£20 a week) you would like me to promote that, and that will be your total!

So, for example;

You have ten posts that you want me to promote for a week, thats £30!

20 posts for a week? £40!

20 posts for a month? £180!


I’m sure you get the gist! If this seems too high, I am more than happy to negotiate prices.

Generally Pinterest VAs charge around £10-15 an hour and that price can increase up to £30-35 an hour. I know not everyone has that kind of money, which is why my prices are significantly lower than most!


All you have to do is pop me an email at , or fill out the form below with what you’re looking for or any questions you have, and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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