The Meating, Bolton – Review

Hey guys,

So, I recently visiting The Meating in Bolton. And boyyyyy do I have a lot to say about this place. This restaurant boasts high quality cuisine and they are known for their steaks.

I’m going to start with decor. This place looked great. Like really nice. Much nicer than I thought it would be. The ceiling decor was very similar to a restaurant in Liverpool, called Dejavoo. Bathroom was clean, and looked a lot nicer than most in Bolton. Big plus in my books. Seats were comfy too. Wall decor was cool. All in all, the actual restaurant was great.

Onto service.

Now, here is where we all felt a little weird. The waiters weren’t the friendliest. In fact, they were a little pushy when taking our orders. I asked for no sauce (I really didn’t like any of the sauces they had), and he still gave one and said ‘i’ll just get you vegetable sauce for yours’. He chose what to get for each of us, which was quite rude to be frank. When serving the food, he knew he got the orders mixed up, and told us to ‘sort out what we ordered ourselves’. HOW RUDE! The sweet potato fries and sauces were placed in the wrong orders. I know not all the waiters were providing bad service, but the one who was assigned to our table wasn’t the best. Huge let down. Service with a smile was definitely lacking here.


Food. Good ol’ food. But was it good?

I ordered a Gourmet Churrasco Sirloin Steak, medium rare. The Meating describe this gourmet as being drizzled with onion, peppers, sweetcorn & spicy tomato sauce, toasted with cheese and green chilli. Served with mash, chips and vegetables.

There was no sweetcorn, barely any tomato sauce. The cheese sauce on top was a big no, it ruined the flavour completely. The meat itself was rubbery. There was cartilage. It was bad. So bad. I was not the only one with this issue, a friend who ordered the same thing had the same problem. The meat.

Now, two of us ordered the chicken steak. This was nice. Much much better than the meat steaks. The chicken tasted great! It was a big portion and was flavoursome. If I did decide to get a steak from there again, it would definitely be a chicken steak. Without the cheese sauce, because again, it did ruin the overall taste.

The veg wasn’t exactly a great variety. There were green beans, broccoli and cauliflower. No carrots or potatoes.


Onto drinks.

Yes. Yes. Yes. So good. So so good. Possibly the best thing we ordered.

Overall, the standard of service and some of the food was a huge huge let down. But the locale, interior and variety of food choices would make me want to go again. The price was appealing too. Was not overly priced which is a plus. I just would not recommend the meat steak, at all!


If you have been, let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your opinions.

Lots of love,



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