Why I’m annoyed that GIRLBOSS on Netflix got cancelled


aka female boss

aka badass woman

aka reality of a young woman


but no, netflix go and cancel the show. *insert crying emoji here*

I really did like the show. At first, I could not relate at all, it started to get annoying. It was one of them that I just watched because I heard a bit about it and i’m not one to leave a show unfinished. But when it was cancelled, boy was I annoyed. It grew on me. Really grew on me. I started relating to Sophia (the main character in the show) more and more. Being a 20 year old with my own issues, I understood Sophia’s choices and struggles. I am Sophia. Not nearly as active or creative. But, as a goal, I aim to be Sophia.

Towards the end of the season, Sophia finds her calling. She’s good at what she does. She loves her job. She has good friendships and income. It shows that we, as women, can overcome so much when we’re dedicated and when we don’t give up. When we stop listening to the negativity we are constantly fed and start having hope and desire to succeed, whether that be in a job, relationship, education or just wanting to improve yourself as an individual.

We should aspire to be better than we were yesterday.

(I’m pretty sure that’s a quote, not sure who said it, but it’s more applicable than ever and I love it!)

I would have loved to see how Sophia overcomes upcoming struggles with relationships, her career and her own person. It gives hopes to us normal people that it is possible to rise above an issue and reminds us we shouldn’t give up.

GIRLBOSS is based on a (#GIRLBOSS) book, which is based on a real life story of a woman named Sophia Amoruso (who is also the author of the book).

I haven’t gotten round to reading the book yet, but I am excited to buy it and give it a go when I get the chance (and the money ~ student problems)

If you’ve read the book, or seen the show, what is your opinion on it? I’d love to know

Reckon we should get together and protest for a Season 2? Spam Ms Amoruso until she writes a sequel to her book? Get together and help each other flourish?

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Lots of love,

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